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FCI Introduces Enhanced Watermaking Technology

UROC-3G Offers Expanded System Control and Monitoring.

February 24, 2009 — FCI Watermaker’s exclusive Universal Reverse Osmosis Controller (UROC) technology pioneered marine water making over a decade ago when it gave boaters and other offshore users the ability to program, customize, monitor and operate their desalinating system from a remote display or computer. As the true inventor of this innovation, FCI has continued to evolve this technology and recently introduced UROC-3G — the next step in advanced water making control and monitoring.

“Now with expanded capacity, UROC-3G continues to be the smartest solution and the most advanced water making system on the market today, “ said Scott McGuire, President of FCI Watermakers.

While UROC was once reserved for high-output desalinators, FCI has integrated this exclusive technology with enhanced features in the company’s most popular watermakers, from the Max-Q Series to the commercial Titan Series. UROC-3G advancements include:

• Motor overload protection, voltage and amperage monitoring, low-voltage and over-amperage shutdown for ultimate safety and protection;

• Multiple remote station capabilities up to 4,000 feet away or via ANSI Terminal Services (no special programs are needed for this function);

• Built-in audio and visual alarms that warn against any system performance issue and provide on-screen troubleshooting assistance;

• More customized programming options to respond to individual user needs, including scheduling specific prime, sequence and run times, tank level control, amount of gallons made.

Like its predecessors, the UROC-3G’s water-smart intelligence provides an onscreen troubleshooting guide and one-touch startup. Tactile feedback from FCI’s control panel offers reliable, sure-touch operation that eliminates operator error and provides at-a-glance monitoring.

“This tried-and-true technology and digital display are resilient to all boating conditions, unlike touchscreens that potentially fail in high-temperature climates or engine rooms,” said McGuire.

FCI Watermakers invents the technology and advances the systems that are the future of marine desalination around the planet. Over a decade ago, FCI pioneered an automated technology never before seen in a watermaker. Today one-touch commands, multiple station operation and remote system control and monitoring have become water making standards, while FCI continues to provide the marine community with high-performance, value-driven products that are always ahead of the curve.

For more information, please visit the UROC Technology page.

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