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A Site Audit Analysis Makes The Sea Work For You
Whether you’re purchasing a new system, you’re fine tuning an existing FCI installation or you require specific purification guidelines in a fully custom install, excellent water production starts with an Audit Analysis. Our certified technicians will analyze your watermaking needs, including install location, available space and technical requirements, as well as conduct a feed water analysis. Based on your criteria, your FCI Watermakers specialist will tailor an FCI Watermakers unit to your specific water making needs.
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Facility Layout:
As best you can, please describe existing or proposed treatment facility, along with any implemented challenges within the facility. Include rise and run information, from source water
to proposed location of system.
Available Space for New Equipment / Temperature / Power:
Length  Width  Location 
Ambient Shade Temps:
Average  Highest  Lowest 
Volts  Phase  Cycles 
Feedwater Characteristics:
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   Lowest @ full flow     Highest @ 0 flow 
Feed Water Analysis: Enter all items in ppm as ion
Calcium (CA)  Bicarbonate (HCO3)  Conductivity 
Sulfate (SO4)  TDS ppm 
Sodium (NA)  Chloride (C1)  BOD/COD 
Manganese (MN)  Nitrate (NO3)  Suspended Solids 
Potassium (K)  Silica (SiO2)  Carbonate (CO3) 
Iron (FE)  Hardness (GPG)  pH 
Chloride  Turbidity  Color 
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