FCI Watermakers

FCI Watermakers carries a complete line of accessories, system enhancing equipment and replacement parts. This includes non-proprietary membranes that are commercially available around the world. Competing brands often use more expensive membranes available only at select locations.


Whether you’re performing routine maintenance or upgrading your Reverse Osmosis system, FCI Watermakers is your global water source.

Dockside Treatment
Systems– DTS+

The FCI Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is a FCI Watermakers innovation specifically designed to treat dock water while utilizing your existing watermaker pump and control system. Create purified drinking water, and enjoy spot-free wash-downs from your dockside source at minimal cost.

Dockside Treatment System - DTS+
Additonal Remote Displays Replacement Parts Multi-Media / Iron Removal Filters
Remote Displays

Additional displays enable you
to program and access the system
from a remote location. See the
benefits of UROC Technology.
Replacement Parts
FCI carries a complete line of
replacement parts: membranes,
filters, hoses, fittings, spanners,
o-rings and more.
Multi-Media /
Iron Removal Filters

Removes particulate or iron from
the feed water stream. Filter includes valve tree assembly and stainless
steel differential guages.
Granular-Activated Charcoal Filters Ultra-Violet Sterilizers  
Charcoal Filters

Great for post-tank filtration, and the removal of particulate, chlorine and
other contaminants found in your fresh water holding tank.

FCI stainless steel units provide
99.8% sterilization of bacteria
and micro-organisms in water.
Available in a variety of flow rates.


Please contact us to order system accessories and/or replacement parts.
Our worldwide distribution network is ready to assist.

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