FCI Watermakers

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The Next Generation of Commercial Watermakers Is Here
with More Power, Reliablity and Technology at the Helm.

FCI Watermakers are admired worldwide for their reliability, design and low maintenance. Add a next generation controller, aircraft-grade motors and massive high-capacity membranes; these customized systems are a special breed of watermakers, built for your fresh water needs and tailored to your specifications. This new configuration and innovative adaptation of FCI’s exclusive watermaking technology re-defines our reputation for being the industry’s true innovators of tomorrow’s marine desalination.

For more information about how we can invent watermaking solutions that fulfill your fresh water needs, please complete our online audit analysis.

Trust FCI to design and deliver
the most reliable, custom industrial
reverse osmosis solution for you.

Whether you are on the ocean or lakeside,
FCI Custom Systems will be delivered directly
to your site. Each system, made to your spec,
will arrive pre-tested and ready-to-run.
  Extraordinary water making
power and sophistication are
at your fingertips.

Cutting-edge UROC technology allows you
to select your preferences of watermaking
dynamics through the settings of advanced
touch screen controls.
A customized, multi-stage
centrifugal pump with a 125HP drive
motor is synced with an ERD to
recoup up to 40% on energy use.

At the heart of the system is a high powered,
maintenance-free motor coupled with an ERD
Energy Recovery Device; reduced RPMs and
lower power consumption, equal exceptional
performance, conversation-low sound and
extraordinary efficiency.
  Easy-to-read Flow Panel and
boosted pre-filters are easily
accessible for trouble-free main-
tenance and system monitoring.

The cluster of liquid filled guages provide
a secondary overview of the system’s
performance and efficiency, while high-
performance pre-filters enhance water
making power; all conveniently located
and easily accessible.
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