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Completely Automated System with Marine-certified Touch Screen Displays.
Still the World's Finest Watermakers.

The Max-Q+ and Max-Q+APC are the latest evolution of the Max-Q product line. Our exclusive V4 control system utilizes a high resolution marine-grade 7-inch touch screen panel with an advanced intuitive interface. Operating and controlling a Watermaker has never been easier. With the optional APC, Automated Pressure Control, making water is literally a touch away.

FCI has been manufacturing watermakers and water purification equipment for over two decades. We design and manufacture all of our equipment in-house for optimum quality control, and to ensure you are getting the most reliable watermaker on the market today. You have the comfort of knowing a company which has been in business for over 20 years, and specializing in only watermakers, is here for you.


Touch Screen Controls
THE INDUSTRY’S MOST RELIABLE WATERMAKER PUTS COMPLETE AUTOMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. FCI’s next generation controller and interface allows customization of your watermaker through intuitive advanced touch screen controls. Our monitors’ higher heat tolerance and system design allows it to work in the harshest environments. FCI touch screen controllers can be installed with confidence, because they are Bridge Classified for marine use with Type Approval Certifications from: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Fresh Clear Water, Globally
Whether you’re conducting washdown maintenance at your next port or enjoying a freshly prepared meal on the top deck, your FCI marine R/O unit performs reliably with non-proprietary parts available wherever you may be.
  Dockside Treatment System - DTS+DTS Compatible
The FCI Dockside Treatment System (DTS) is a FCI Watermakers innovation specifically designed to treat dock water while utilizing your existing watermaker pump and control system. Enjoy spot-free wash-downs from your dockside source at minimal cost.
  • New marine grade 7" high resolution touch screen controller
  • Monitors are Type Approval Certified for marine use by: ABS, GL, Lloyd’s Register EMEA, Det Norske Veritas, and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
  • New NMEA 2000 compatible
  • Unique IP address for remote access
  • Built-in, on-screen troubleshooting
  • Small frame footprint
  • Ability to relocate Pressure Vessel Assembly and FWF Assembly to reduce frame footprint
  • 316SS Boost Pump
  • 316SS HP Pump
  • Visual indication of product and brine flow
  • Upgradeable to 1,850 GPD
  • Fully automatic programmable Fresh Water Flush with carbon block filter
  • Standard 40 sq. ft. commercial Pre-filter
  • Dual hertz motors for 50 or 60 hertz operation
  • Multiple display station capabilities
  • 40 sq. ft. of 5μ micron pleated filtration
  • Vibration isolation
  • Automatic Flush system
  • Washdown Duty Motors
  • Flow sensors
  • 316SS pressure transducers
  • Pretreatment lockout
  • One year warranty
  • Complete exploded view manuals
  • One-piece skid mount design
  • DTS, Dockside Treatment System Compatible
  • Bridge classified 4.3" or 7" remote touch control station
  • pH neutralizer filter
  • Cruising kits
  • UV sterilizers
  • Feed water pressure regulators, relief valves and feed pump
  • Automated and manual Media Filters
  • Custom system designs
  • System soft start

Fresh Water Flush
Is Always Included

While other manufacturers consider this as an add-on feature, we see it as a friendly guesture. Routine maintenance should come at no cost. It prolongs the life of your system and minimizes excessive repairs. With UROC Technology you can schedule unattended flushes as you see fit.

True Innovation
At Your Fingertips

FCI pioneered remote water making over two decades ago by introducing the UROC (Universal Reverse Osmosis Controller). We continue to be the smartest, most advanced desalinator on the market today with our Bridge Certified monitors, and intuitive advanced touch screen controls.

High Grade Materals.

FCI uses high grade alloys in all
critical components to assure lasting performance. For example, 316SS pressure ports with lifetime warranty eliminate stress, whereas competing brands use inferior materials like plastic, which can compromise system operation and jeopardize the vessel.

Our Design Gives
Boaters Control.

Our open-frame design facilitates
visual inspecions and routine on-site maintenance. By comparison, competitors’ closed frame system require complicated disassembly to allow shipboard maintenance, and the enclosure contributes to amplified
motor noise.
Learn more about The FCI Advantage, and why FCI Watermakers should be the clear fresh water choice.
FCI Watermakers are designed to be tolerant of changing water conditions, unlike competing systems where optimal water conditions are essential to achieving stated output. Your vessel travels around the world encountering waters that vary in both salinity and particulate, which may cause other systems to become inoperable or less productive. We have provided the following performance specifications under typical sea water conditions, and guarantee operationin most ocean environments.

25ºC / 77ºF, 32,500 PPM TDS, 820psi @ 60Hz


framed / modular per day (gal / L) per hour m3 feed flow rate (GPM)
MQ726+ / MQ726+APC 700 / 2649 29 / 110 2.30 4.2
MQ1226+ / MQ1226+APC 1275 / 4825 53 / 201 4.50 4.2
MQ1826+ / MQ1826+APC 1850 / 7000 77 / 292 6.80 4.2

framed / modular hp kw VAC phase Hz
MQ726+ / MQ726+APC 2.5 2.29 120 / 220 / 380 1, 3 50 / 60
MQ1226+ / MQ1226+APC 2.5 2.29 120 / 220 / 380 1, 3 50 / 60
MQ1826+ / MQ1826+APC 2.5 2.29 120 / 220 / 380 1, 3 50 / 60

framed lbs / kg modular lbs / kg
MQ726+ / MQ726+APC 195 / 88.45 MQ726+ / MQ726+APC 185 / 83.91
MQ1226+ / MQ1226+APC 205 / 92.99 MQM1226S 195 / 88.45
MQ1826+ / MQ1826+APC 215 / 97.52 MQM1826S 205 / 92.99
Max-Q Framed Information Sheet       750K
Max-Q Modular Information Sheet       750K

Please contact us for parts details, schematics,
user manuals and installation materials.
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