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About Reverse Osmosis
  • What is a marine water maker?
    • A marine water maker is a desalination unit that converts sea water into fresh water using a reverse osmosis process that removes salt and other minerals, making it suitable for human consumption.

  • What is reverse osmosis?
    • The osmotic process involves the natural movement of a solution through a semi-permeable membrane without applying external pressure. The membrane allows the passage of solvent but not of solute. In reverse osmosis, high pressure is used to push the solution through a membrane, which traps the solute on one side making pure solvent obtainable from the other side.

  • Sea water recovery through reverse osmosis
    • For marine water purification, sea water is driven under high pressure through a special membrane. The resulting “product water” is potable water with over 99% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) removed. The product water is directed from the marine water maker to a fresh water holding tank. Permeate that does not successfully pass through the membrane is sometimes referred to as the “brine discharge,” and on vessels is diverted overboard.
  • How does desalination equipment work?
    • A marine desalination system begins with a through-hull fitting, or skin fitting, where ocean water is initially drawn into the system. The raw sea water is then filtered through a sea strainer to approximately 50 microns; and, further filtered to five microns by being pumped through a pre-filter using a low pressure pump running at approximately 30 to 35 psi. The reverse osmosis process begins when the filtered sea water is pumped under high pressure (at approximately 800 to 850 psi depending upon the temperature and salinity of the sea water) through the system’s membrane vessels. The product water that successfully passes through the membranes is then routed to a salinity probe, which confirms the quality of the water produced. If the product water is acceptable, this purified water is transported to a fresh water holding tank. Unacceptable product water that does not pass the salinity test is discarded and diverted with the brine discharge.
  • FCI Watermakers optimizes marine desalination equipment?
    • Over a decade ago, FCI Watermakers pioneered features and automation never before seen in a marine water maker. FCI’s exclusive Universal Reverse Osmosis Controller (UROC) technology set the standard in operating today’s marine desalinators by integrating one-touch commands, multiple station operation and remote system control and monitoring of your water production from a computer and remote locations. FCI Watermakers are among the most effective marine desalination systems providing automatic and customizable fresh water flushing. This feature is integral to every marine water purification system because it deters growth of biological contaminants when the system is not in use.
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