FCI Watermakers

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Intuitive engineering guarantees the longevity, durability and performance of every FCI Watermakers unit. Our system design optimizes the flow of water, while industrial-quality materials employed throughout the reverse osmosis unit ensure robust operations. Take a look at the features that make an FCI watermaker the world’s finest.
Our Design Gives Boaters Control:
Our open-frame and modular FCI systems are designed to facilitate visual inspections and routine, on-site maintenance. By comparison, competitors’ enclosed-frame systems require complicated disassembly to allow shipboard inspection.
Achieve Expected Outputs:
Your FCI watermaker is engineered to deliver the advertised output. Typically, competing water makers rate their output based on a certain set of criteria, thus the advertised output is often only achievable under certain conditions, if at all. At FCI we engineer our systems and rate our outputs based on real-world conditions, so when boating and water environments vary, the performance of our water makers isn’t compromised.
High-Grade Materials Assure
Lasting Performance:

FCI uses high grade alloys in all our critical components. Competing brands often use inferior material that compromise system operation and jeopardize the vessel. For example, plastic pumps installed below the waterline invite flooding if the pump is cracked or inadvertently stepped on.
More Reliability, Less Hassle:
FCI systems are designed to be more tolerant of water conditions. Your vessel travels around the world and encounters water that varies in both salinity and particulate. FCI’s equipment and components allow full function operation in varying conditions. Alternatively, competitors use parts that are so susceptible to feed water variances that they require special filtration to counter these conditions. This results in more frequent filter changes and added cost of operation. Their pumps are so sensitive to change that if you do not use their special filters you will void their warranty.
Non-proprietary Membranes:
FCI Watermakers use commercially available, industry standard membranes. Competing brands often use more expensive proprietary membranes, available only at select locations. These elements can have less surface area, resulting in a lower quality water and a higher propensity for membrane fouling.
Enjoy Quick Water Satisfaction:
FCI delivers water makers that will be up and running instantly. Every unit arrives calibrated with no need to purchase additional accessories or calibration solutions to complete the set up.
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