FCI Watermakers
The Industry Rides The Tide Of Our Innovations As We Set A Course For The Future Of Watermaking
FCI Watermakers does more than build and sell marine reverse osmosis units. We invent the technology and advance the systems that are the future of marine desalination around the planet. Over two decades ago, FCI pioneered the integration of the UROC (Universal Reverse Osmosis Controller), which allowed features and automation never before seen in a marine water maker. These attributes have become standards in today’s marine desalinators and commercial systems, including one-touch commands, multiple station operation and remote system control and monitoring. Today, FCI continues to provide boaters and offshore industries with products that are always ahead of the curve. As both engineers and craftsmen, we specialize in dependable, high-performance and value-driven marine water makers and are proud of the thousands of continuously operating RO units that have been cruising the globe for decades.
Solid Warranty Coverage:
Unlike competitors that offer complicated and contradictory warranties that vary with terms and conditions that apply to individual components, the entire FCI marine series systems are covered for one year on all non-consumable parts.
More For Your Money:
FCI Watermakers come complete. You don’t need to buy add-ons, packages, accessories or upgrades to achieve rated outputs and superior performance. What’s more, our inclusive pricing beats the retail price of systems by other manufacturers.
You’ll Like The Sound Of It:
FCI engineers one of the industry’s quietest watermaking systems thanks to its open frame construction, vibration isolating mounts and low RPM operation. Competing systems amplify noise due to closed-frame construction and high-pressure pumps running on excessive RPMs.
We Pass The Test:
FCI does not test our water makers on our customers. Extensive research and development are conducted on each product to guarantee optimum performance and dependability before it is approved as part of our product line. Once approved, every system is “wet-run”, computer calibrated and cataloged after coming off the production line to ensure each water maker measures up to our high standards and your expectations.
Tastes Great, More Filter:
FCI Watermakers systems produce cleaner water with lower TDS acceptance levels. The World Health Organization (WHO) limits the TDS of drinking water to 1000 ppm. Most competitors set their systems to accept “good” water at levels around 800 ppm. Under normal sea water conditions, FCI watermakers produce clean, fresh, pure water under 250 ppm, better than most tap water.
Always At Your Service:
We engineer our water makers to transcend your needs, and are committed to customer service that exceeds your expectations. With our on-call availability and our hands-on technical support plus a world-wide service network that can supply quick-fix consumables, we promise to never leave you adrift.
We Measure Up:
FCI will meet or exceed current regulations as pertain to reverse osmosis desalinators from the following agencies:

USCG - United States Coast Guard
CE – Conformité Européne
ABS – American Bureau of Shipping
WHO – World Health Organization
NMMA – National Marine Manufacturing Assn. DNV – Det Norske Veritas
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