Titan produces a tidal wave of clean, fresh water

Whether you’re maintaining a tropical seaside resort, servicing a local municipality or manning an oil platform in the North Sea, the Titan is your global fresh water source.

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    From 200 m3 to 1000 m3, the Titan Series of customizable commercial Watermakers will deliver pure fresh water for high demand applications.

    Offered in manual or fully automated configuration, completely customizable and configurable to fit a wide range of applications, the Titan Series are admired worldwide for their reliability, design and low maintenance. Add a next generation V5 HMI/PLC controller, Energy Recovery, fully automated media filtration, fully automated pressure control, and massive high-capacity membranes; these customized systems are a special breed of Watermakers, built for your fresh water needs and tailored to your specifications. This new configuration and innovative adaptation of FCI’s exclusive watermaking technology re-defines our reputation for being the industry’s true innovators of tomorrow’s marine desalination.

    Components & Variations


    Titan Configuration Options
    • Dedicated Backwash Pumps
    • 100% Redundant Filtration with Standby Tank
    • Fully Automated Prefiltration
    • Extensive Redundant Back Up Gauge Panels
    • 316SSL or 2205 Duplex High Pressure Pumps
    • Targeted Recovery Rates for Hight TDS Seawater
    • Energy Recovery Turbo Chargers
    • Energy Recovery Transfer Device
    • ASTM Stamped Pressure Vessels
    • High Rejection Membranes
    • Fully Automated Pressure Control
    • 7-10 inch HMI Resistive Touch Control Panels
    • Explosion Proof Class 1 Division 2 Ratings
    • HMI/PLC V5 Control System
    • Fully Automated Fresh Water Flush
    • Open Frame or Containerized Designs
    • Remote Wi-Fi Access
    • Performance Logging
    • On Screen Diagnosis
    • On Screen Manuals

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